Colegio La Virgen de Pompeya is a Catholic school founded in 1961 by the Hermanas Dominicas de la Anunciata congregation. Tuition is paid by a mix of the congregation’s budget and monthly support from the state. In 2015, the school implemented interactive flat panels in eight classrooms. In 2017, Connectis Chile started looking for a more advanced, learning-centered solution. As an official i3-Technologies partner, Connectis was able to start the second phase of the project, which consisted of equipping 20 more classrooms with learnng-centered technology.

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“The i3 Technologies arrival to our school has allowed us to support the kids’ learning process; the boards are very easy to use, they have built-in equipment and tools which let us boost our work as teachers, making the connection with the students easier. Now, the classes are a lot more fun and inclusive, due to the attraction and the use the students can have with the screens.”

– Natalia Sieguel, Teacher, La Virgen de Pompeya School


The school is located in the Las Condes area, in Santiago, Chile.


Tuition is not paid by parents, but by a mix of the congregation’s budget and monthly support from the state. As such, the school has very scarce resources which need to be administrated with extreme strictness.


The modern world’s educational needs can be quite varied, particularly when students have grown immersed in the information era and where technologies have changed the way they interact with their environment.