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Perfect Solution for Desktop Refreshes and Windows 10 Deployments

The anywhere, anytime any device mindset of mobile and remote workforces requires an agile, seamless ability by IT to deliver ready to use, secure devices.

If you are considering a Windows 10 update, a hardware refresh, or just looking for concrete ways to simplify IT operations and reduce costs, Dell, VMware and Getronics have the solution no one else does.

The Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE service provides automatic device setup and extends the efficiencies of cloud management to configuration and deployment. This ready-to-work experience enables users to be productive in minutes. Preconfigured apps and settings reduce time and resources associated with manual device imaging, repackaging, and shipment.

Learn more about how the combination of Dell Client Solutions + Configuration Services + VMware Workspace ONE simplifies device management, slashes deployment time, improves device security and reduces costs.