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Never before has there been such a need to keep people connected across multiple platforms, in different locations. We are now all too aware of the impact coronavirus has had on the workplace, an impact that will likely have a lasting change in the workplace.

The popularity of UC systems is growing more every year. In fact, recent research indicates that the market will see a CAGR growth rate of 12.3%, leading to a value of $46.61 billion by 2020. More than ever, companies facing a changing business are beginning to understand how UC can help them better serve clients and employees alike.

At Getronics we focus on the tools that encourage employee collaboration and better ways of working. The managed support that frees you to focus on running your business not your communications infrastructure.

We take a number of different communication channels (primarily phone, email, video and chat) and integrate them all into one platform. Delivered “as a service” through a cloud model, it’s hosted and managed through a single provider. Our UC solution provides customers with an innovative technology stack, designed to bring comms tools together into a single app. You can also integrate with applications such as Skype, Zoom and Webex.

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Stuart Brameld, Product Manager, Getronics.

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How to get your company behind Unified Communications?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which provider do you use?

We work with Microsoft and Cisco. We continually test other providers but and in terms of overall solution (user experience, platform capabilities, integration options, mobile apps and cost) they come out top every time.

2. Can you integrate with Active Directory?

Yes, we can connect to LDAP or Active Directory is a great advantage since it simplifies the administration of users and provides single sign-on using existing infrastructure. Both providers also have excellent Office365 integrations, particularly with Outlook.

3. I’m worried about call quality

We get it. Without doubt the biggest downfall of any UC implementation is poor network considerations around bandwidth and latency for calls. We have been doing this for over 15 years and are yet to have any issue with dropped calls and call quality. It’s all about planning in advance.

4. What should I consider integrating?

Up to you, but most deployments include discussion around the following: VOIP (SIP based and hi-path), mobile users, desktop applications, teleconferencing, messaging, Skype, Zoom and Webex.

5. What if I need something custom?

You would be amazed at what we’ve done. One-click call recordings. Weekly outbound call volumes for the sales teams. Instant extension and number provisioning. Inbound call recordings for specific extensions. Zoom integrations. Encrypted video calls.

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We believe Getronics is the best-positioned vendor to integrate a collaborative experience for all of our users on a consistent basis around the globe.”

Kevin Rice, Enterprise Architect, Voice and Video Engineering,


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How to get your company behind Unified Communications?

Read our article here. No email required, just click straight through. Refreshing.

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