What exactly is a ‘workspace’? Today, it can be almost anywhere, from a retail kiosk to a patient’s bedside, to a hot desk in your office to a table at your local bistro. Wherever you work, and whatever your industry, you can bet that work’s being done across multiple platforms, applications, locations and devices.

We offer resilient, adaptable and people-centric solutions that allow people to truly interact with each other – and that’s the first step in creating flows of happiness. When desktop computers were first introduced, Getronics was one of the first ICT providers to embrace the digital workspace concept. Now that the entire world has effectively become a workspace, we’re still leading the way. We’re here to guide you in transforming your business into a safe, productive and motivating environment, where people can collaborate and share information quickly and easily.

We also keep a sharp focus on new technologies and trends, ensuring that the solutions we offer incorporate innovative yet proven products. We partner with industry leaders to successfully integrate emerging communication capabilities, so you can support your customers when and wherever they want, securely, productively and happily.


Whirlpool Corporation’s formula for company growth includes employee productivity and excellent customer experience

This Fortune 150 global company made it a top priority to improve the customer experience of its 27,000 North American end users. Responsible for managing the company’s Service Desk and Deskside Support, Getronics is focused on transforming end user support and improving customer service and customer satisfaction. Following a successful pilot, new self-help and self-healing technologies are improving the workspace experience through optimized thin client performance and user productivity, along with driving down incidents and related service desk and deskside support costs.


Whirlpool Corporation is headquartered in the United States in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It employs 92,000 employees at 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world.


As the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and innovator of major home appliances, Whirlpool has annual sales of approximately $21 billion. Its products represent some of the best known and globally recognized consumer and commercial brand names in its industry.


Innovation occurs through a motivated workforce that is both productive and collaborative. To that end Whirlpool knew it needed to accomplish two things: improve customer satisfaction among end users and related to that, improve customer experience and user support.

“Getronics is one of the organizations that helps us be successful in today’s world and we’re also going to be engaging and having conversations about how we enable the future as well.”

Mike Berendsen