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Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Improving network infrastructure to better support the more than seven million travelers who pass through the Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) each year, plus staff and flight crews, was a key goal for BSCA. Now, with a faster, extended and more elaborate network solution from Getronics in place, people are communicating much more efficiently, while travelers can enjoy a smoother travel experience. The enhanced network also enhances the airport’s security and supports BSCA’s goals in terms of business growth.


The airport is located near the city of Charleroi in the French-speaking part of Belgium, approximately 50 kms from the country’s capital Brussels. It consists of one runway and two terminals. The second one was put into service on Monday, 30 January 2017.


The transportation of passengers is the main function of the airport. To that purpose, its clients can count on regular flights from several major low-cost airlines to destinations all over Europe and North Africa.


To enhance its growth while remaining agile, Brussels South Charleroi Airport invested in future-proof Enterprise Connectivity solutions. Getronics was entrusted with the installation of a Cisco LAN & Telephone infrastructure in the new terminal and the maintenance of the LAN & Voice network of the existing terminal.

“Getronics succeeded in upgrading and expanding our LAN and telephony network while our airport remained fully functional, an achievement only possible thanks to their flexibility, innovative approach and willingness to collaborate.”