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We can build an infrastructure that incorporates your data, whether it’s located on networks, internal repositories, databases, device information, industry-unique solutions, or elsewhere, ensuring secure and efficient access to data and information.

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Transferring digital assets safely and securely during carve-out of aerospace and defense manufacturer

When Esterline acquired Barco’s Defense and Aerospace division, they needed to transfer applications and develop an infrastructure for their new data center, all within a short timeframe. Getronics sprang into action with an innovative infrastructure solution and a seven-person onsite team, which managed the implementation all the way from data center infrastructure to the migration of end-users’ computers and the installation of new phones. This even enabled Esterline to expand to worldwide activities, thanks to the scalability and speed of its new data storage facility.


Esterline originates from the U.S. but is active on a global scale, with offices and production sites in the U.S., Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, and more. Its Belgian branch is located in Kortrijk.


The company’s core business can be summarized in three segments: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems and Advanced Materials. All three target the commercial and military aviation industry, the defense sector and some related markets.


The biggest challenge posed by this carveout project was the implementation of a new infrastructure for the data centre. This had to be carried out in a challenging environment with limited space and a strict deadline. The data center also had to be scalable for the future.

“This new data centre not only gives Esterline the possibility to store data in a secure manner, its scalability is also a major advantage. We now profit from a state-of-the art facility.”

Jan Bruggeman
Director ICT Esterline