Digital transformation starts by putting the focus on people. Improving the work experience and opening up new opportunities is the goal, making people happy in their jobs. We look for the shortcuts, patterns and processes that will help your business to be more efficient. Throughout your digital journey, we’ll support you with the right tools, technologies and expertise.

At Getronics, we know that your business success depends on helping your people work together seamlessly, powered by a business platform that’s aligned with your goals. Our experts understand the importance of resiliency and adaptability, and can proactively review your digital processes, and upgrade those that would benefit from a smoother interface. We can also help you explore the intelligent application of data analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things solutions, automation and emerging technologies – and the advantages they can offer to your company.


Flexibility and mobility for staff, and streamlined relationships with vendors help ING become ‘The Bank of the Future’

For ING, a global financial institution with 53,000+ employees across 40 countries, mobility, efficiency and security were the key goals in a multi-faceted project with long-time partner Getronics. With the solution in place, people can work wherever they want, on any device, making work significantly more flexible and satisfying. In addition, ING is able to reduce their cost of IT operations, take advantage of underused infrastructure capacity and begin to unify communications throughout the organization.


Through their retail and commercial banking services, ING has secured a well-known brand, strong financial position, omni-channel distribution strategy and international network. ING is currently the number one ‘diversified financials’ company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


ING Belgium faced the usual pressures of a number of organisations today – staying secure, mobile and as efficient as possible. They required an IT provider that could meet these demands through a host of security, Unified Communications and analytics solutions in order to bring leaner, more innovative and more transparent technology to the company.

“I am delighted with the way that Getronics has executed this project. It has been delivered with professionalism, expertise and drive to do an excellent job. They have proven themselves to be a solid IT provider that brings initiative, innovation and insight to the table – all of which are highly valued in this competitive economy and market. We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Getronics.”

Jean-Christophe Bernard
Head of Workplace Managed Services at ING Belgium