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The ability to learn from digital data, transform it into useful information and act on that information can give you a significant competitive edge. For larger entities, such as healthcare networks, the insights derived from data analysis can help improve patients’ lives. For businesses, data analysis can help set direction and inform major decisions.

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Mobile app developed for nuclear engineering company to manage safety protocols and analyze safety information

For Tecnatom, an engineering company providing inspection services and assessments to the nuclear industry, managing and documenting safety protocols is key. A mobile app developed by Getronics allows Tecnatom to manage and monitor safety protocols and information, including records of activity and behavior patterns that impact safety. Integrated with SharePoint and LinkedIn, the app also features trending topics relating to nuclear operations and safety.


An engineering company of Spanish origin, Tecnatom provides services and products in the nuclear sector with high technological content, collaborating with countries such as India, Japan and South Korea.


The Engineering Business Group Tecnatom specializes in guaranteeing the operation and high levels of safety in the industry and, especially, in nuclear power plants.