What is Managed Cloud?

Cloud Management Indepth Analysis

Managed Cloud is the latest iteration of IT service delivery, allowing your business to benefit from cutting edge technologies without vast amounts of capital spend. The best way to understand Managed Cloud from Getronics is through the history of managed computing services.

In the beginning – Co-Lo

For reasons of data protection and availability, co-located servers became essential to enterprise IT. Co-location services allowed businesses to install their own servers in a fully managed facility in a different geographical to their own data centre.

The co-location provider was responsible for “keeping the lights on”, ensuring that power and connectivity were maintained around the clock. The server owner retained all responsibility for the physical server itself however.

One degree of separation – Managed Co-Lo

As competition in the Co-Lo sector increased, providers began to offer managed co-lo services. Under this new model businesses could buy a server from the provider, who would then oversee the installation and ongoing management.

Using managed co-lo, your business could reduce its operational overheads and take advantage of increased resilience of off-site systems.

Enter the Cloud – Managed Apps and IaaS

The next logical evolution was the Cloud, bringing with it fully hosted and managed applications in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This was joined by massive hosted infrastructure platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, allowing businesses to move key applications and services into the Cloud.

As with managed Co-Lo, support, management and maintenance of the Cloud infrastructure is still the responsibility of the service provider – everything else rests on your shoulders.

The Holy Grail – Fully Managed Cloud

As the Cloud has matured and become an essential part of line-of-business operations, needs have changed. In order to build a best-of-breed platform, many organisations rely on several Cloud services.

Fully Managed Cloud services allow you to hand over the management of the entire platform and its component parts to a third party. Here at Getronics we take things a step further, helping to identify and deploy new services that will help our clients reach their strategic growth goals and achieve digital transformation.

Using Managed Cloud, your team is free to focus on the strategic side of IT, while our consultants and engineers take on the technical challenges.

To learn more about Managed Cloud services from Getronics and how we can help your business, please get in touch.