How Does Cloud Fit into the Broader Business Landscape?

With initial suspicion about security, the Cloud has quickly established itself as a core part of the IT landscape. Indeed, “Cloud first” has become the mantra of many ambitious phrases – even those who don’t fully appreciate what that entails.

So how exactly has the Cloud changed business beyond supplying us all with some new buzzwords?

Increased Operational Agility

Digital transformation programs are all about using technology to deliver better services, faster. For many organisations this involves consolidating and linking corporate data stores to enable advanced analysis – Big Data style.

The Cloud provides the perfect infrastructure for increased agility. On-demand access to storage and resources, means that any business can expand their compute abilities in minutes. Which supports digital transformation and strategic change to take place faster than ever before.

Improved Cost Management

This scalability is more than adding a few extra terabytes of disk space too. Intelligent provisioning allows businesses to manage and pay for capacity by the hour. “Bursting” means that processes can be processed in the Cloud, relieving pressure on local resources, and with the assistance of well-configured rules, jobs can be delayed or moved to wherever the cost of completion will be lowest.

This automated micro-management of processes and resources means that businesses always have the capacity they need, at the lowest possible price. Gone are the days of attempting to estimate capacity growth and purchasing hardware in advance – now businesses can use exactly what they need, when they need it without any additional capital spend.

Cost savings can be further increased by building best of breed platforms across a range of services. Although offerings may be similar, the use cost is not – often third party services can be substituted without compromising performance or availability.

Here at Getronics we regularly mix-and-match our own Cloud services with those from leading players like Microsoft Azure to ensure our customers can build a custom infrastructure that fully meets their business needs.

Speed to Market

Ultimately, increased efficiency, improved system and capacity availability and reduced costs will give businesses focus more resources to focus on bringing their products and services to market. Because in a world were convenience and speed of delivery are highly prized, these back-end improvements will be essential.

To learn more about expanding your use of Cloud services to achieve your strategic growth goals, please get in touch.