5 Quick Wins With Cloud

Managed Cloud 1

The power of the Cloud is undeniable – businesses taking advantage of productivity-enhancing cloud services grow 19.6% faster than their counterparts that don’t for instance. That’s not to say there is anything inherently wrong with on-premise IT infrastructure, just that the Cloud delivers returns far quicker.

So if your business is behind the adoption curve, which services offer the quickest wins?

1. VM Hosting

Your business already uses virtual machines to maximise return on hardware investment and operational flexibility. By moving these machines into the Cloud, you can realise greater benefits:

  • Simplified, global access to corporate computing resources in hosted data centres.
  • Increased data centre resilience.
  • Fully elastic computing provisions that scale in line with demand without additional capital spend.

Deploying to the Cloud is – with the correct support – as simple as moving your VMs to the hosted infrastructure. You even have the option of fully-managed virtual machine hosting that looks after physical and virtual layers, further reducing your administrative and operational overheads.

2. Disaster recovery

Co-location has been a vital part of enterprise-grade DR strategy for years, but the Cloud makes similar provisions available to businesses of all sizes. Using Cloud services, your team can overcome several DR challenges:

  • Infinite failover capacity is cheaper to implement and run than a smaller, onsite equivalent.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) dramatically reduces the total time to recovery (TTR) by making more information available more easily.

The more resilient your systems are in the event of a disaster, the lower the total cost to your business.

3. Backup

Simply hosting your systems in the Cloud is insufficient to protect your data – it also needs to be properly backed up. Directly related to DRaaS, Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers exactly the same benefits – reduced TTR being key. Using Cloud-to-Cloud backup you can leverage the power of hosted technology to keep your off-site data as well protected as that held in your on-site data centre.

Every penny saved using Cloud services is a penny that can be spent on other strategic projects.

4. Time sensitive projects

Strategic IT projects can take years to go live. In an age where agility is a business advantage, reducing time-to-market is vital. Using Cloud services it is possible to deploy test systems and to take changes live in a matter of hours.

On-demand resources offer instant scalability that you only pay for when you use them. Which allows you to avoid the traditional, time consuming purchasing process and allows you to start new projects immediately.

5. Workspace as a service

An increasingly mobile workforce places a heavy burden on the IT department, provisioning remote access to corporate resources and, provisioning and supporting a range of mobile devices.

Moving to a hosted workspace system, your team can create templated virtual machines for every remote worker. These can then be accessed from any laptop or tablet, anywhere in the world. Importantly, they can also be managed and maintained centrally, dramatically reducing the cost of operating a remote workforce – and allowing you to deploy systems more quickly.

Quick wins, long term benefits

Although these are quick wins, the benefits of an ongoing Cloud program last long term. For any business looking to keep up with the competition, starting with these five deployment scenarios will help them get started, and to prove the value of Cloud systems to the rest of the organisation.

To learn more about any of these 5 technologies, or any other aspect of managed Cloud services, please give us a call.