Global Workspace Alliance

User-focused solutions for your global workspace needs

With Getronics on the lead, the Alliance combines the strength of local leaders to supply IT support to multinational companies around the world, delivering field and remote services in over 100 countries. Alliance members share common processes, methods and tools to ensure seamless delivery across regions.

By engaging with a member of the Alliance, international organisations can plug into an extended service network through a single business point of contact. This differs fundamentally from the locally sub-contracted resources used traditionally in many international IT service contracts: all alliance members work together to anticipate service requirements and to plan and manage resources accordingly. For the client, this results in simplified contract management, effective service evolution and responsive scaling to requirements.

“While GWA is very unique, it offers a credible way to provide workspace management on a global level based on a flexible, network driven ecosystem”

Benefits of Working with the GWA

A single point of accountability for flexible and collaborative access to a broad range of IT services

A common toolset that gives partners and programme managers complete visibility and transparency into the service delivery process

Streamlined programme management, interfaces, accountability and reporting for all aspects of service delivery

Consistent service quality across all geographies

Scalability to meet your changing requirements

A unique focus on the user, which results in a more productive workforce, enhanced experience and customer satisfaction

Facts & Figures

38,000 total employees

Marketing and operational presence in over 40 countries with extended coverage in 100+ countries

GWA partners cover 80% of the global economy

9.9 Workspace Assets Managed

Alliance partners span all regions and include: Getronics, CompuCom, SPIE, Tecnocom, AGCN, Centric, InfoCare, S&T, Eire Systems, NSC and Topnew Info, among other leading IT players around the world.

“Despite the rise of cloud services and automation, the Global Workspace Alliance knows that the end-user outsourcing market still requires some high-touch capabilities that only local service engineers can provide.”