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Future-Ready Workspace Services

What is Future-Ready Workspace™?

High-performance enterprises succeed because they realise their people are the key to their success
and actively empower them to be productive, flexible and innovative. Getronics’ Future-Ready Workspace enables your employees to work together productively, securely and effectively, wherever and whenever
they need, by bringing together everything they need into a single workspace environment.

People need workspaces that give them constant and reliable access to relevant information and individuals across the enterprise. However, all too often, ad hoc additions and specialised solutions over the years can result in systems that are slow, complex and inefficient. Getronics has a lasting solution to this problem: Future-Ready Workspace.

In a single physical and virtual environment, Future-Ready Workspace gives you access to all the applications you need to run your business successfully. With its flexible, modular architecture, Future-Ready Workspace continually adapts to the changing needs and goals of your business. It is secure, reliable
and simple to maintain. You no longer need to worry about sorting out upgrades for your systems:
innovations and upgrades are provided as required, and our remote management services ensure
that your systems operate with optimum efficiency. With the Getronics’ Future-Ready Workspace,
you get a high-quality, modular, constantly evolving ICT workspace – without the hassle or expense
of doing it yourself.

Getronics is a world leader in workspace management. You can trust us to make your organisation
future ready.

Benefits of Future-Ready Workspace™

Smooth transition

Before we design and execute your Future-Ready Workplace, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current ICT situation and business needs. Implementation can be carried out onsite or remotely from a Getronics data centre – the choice is yours. This carefully considered process ensures the transition to your new Future-Ready Workspace is smooth and hassle-free.

Flexible Support

We deliver services based on a common infrastructure that ensures you have the right level of ICT
support based on flexible service level agreements that match your business needs and patterns
of usage. Your technology platform always stays current but you don't bear the investment costs
or associated risks. You receive fast and responsive support from a single point of contact.

A tailor-made solution

As standard, the Future-Ready Workspace comes with e-mail services, internet access and full support services, as well as a strong security package. It also comes equipped with a number of self-service functions, such as password resets and document restore, to reduce manual interference and increase productivity. Your Future-Ready Workspace can be easily extended with additional services and support capabilities to meet your specific business requirements. To ensure your system keeps pace with the latest technological advances, it is constantly monitored and updated remotely. Your employees will not be inconvenienced in any way – all they will notice are improvements.

Delivery expertise

Getronics has 40 years' experience delivering workspace management services. Implementing best
practices to remove risk and ensure business and technology value, Getronics provides the best value workspace management with complete transparency, allowing cost savings on infrastructure with low
upfront investments.

Continuous improvement, constant support

Together with our vendor alliance partners and customers, we constantly test and evaluate all new technologies. This means that you can focus on your core business and stop worrying about the evolution
of your workspace. We also offer a range of global management services to ensure your workspace is kept fully in line with the standards you require. Our services and operation are fully aligned with the world’s most respected standards and frameworks. Our processes are based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management framework, and we are ISO-certified and leverage Six Sigma for continuous improvement. With the Getronics Future-Ready Workspace, you get a high-quality, modular, constantly evolving ICT workspace, without the hassle or expense of doing it yourself.

Global 24/7 availability

We support our clients around the world through our integrated network of Global Service Centres and Data Centres, providing them with robust, efficient and cost-effective services. And because our clients can depend on our full support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, they are free to concentrate
all their resources on serving their customers.

Best of breed technology

Getronics ensures that clients get up to date solutions for their workspaces through our strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco and Dell.

Exactly the services you need

For those clients who want to benefit from Getronics’ know-how, but who aren't looking for managed
services or outsourcing, we can offer Future-Ready Workspace reference architecture, knowledge
and support on a project-by-project basis.

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