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Our Getronics Data Centre Key Features

With the ever-increasing costs of power, office space, storage of exponentially increasing amounts of data, complying with regulatory requirements, whilst balancing the need to keep up with the latest technologies, businesses are increasingly looking for alternative, more cost effective ways to manage and future-proof their IT infrastructure.

Our Data Centres offer a wide range of services from ‘off the shelf’ Co-location for a variety of clients, such as MoneySupermarket and Trader Media, through to bespoke tailored and fully managed private Data Centre suites for major global financial clients.

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Disaster Avoidance & Recovery:

Disaster Recovery (DR) / IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) – our primary UK Data Centre is fully resilient, featuring high-density dual power supplies (11KV), independent tripping, automatic failover to UPS and 6200kVA capability generator back-up, together with diverse routing into the Data Centre building. In addition, high speed network connectivity provides capability to support DR across multiple Data Centre sites both on-shore and off-shore.

Specialist Recovery Centre – our Getronics Specialist Recovery Centre provides a combination of managed server recovery, work area recovery, DR and managed back-up hosting facilities using dedicated teams.

DR Testing – regular DR testing is a crucial part of the service, where we manage client’s DR test activities, co-ordinate resources, identify business objectives and success criteria, report on results against expected recovery objectives and make key recommendations.

Managed Back-up / Remote Vaulting Services – we use the CommVault Back-up and Recovery suite to deliver its remote vaulting solution. With CommVault, Getronics make back-up administration simple, using a combination of local and remote vaults, data can be restored within minutes back to the customer site.

DR Customer Portal – IT service continuity plans and processes are hosted via a customer portal, used as a central repository for processes followed during invocation and an expected recovery time-line. Also test documentation, contact and audit information are stored on the portal.

Environmental Benefits

CHP Power – power to the our Data Centre is supplied from the local Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) at Weston Point, which is one of the cleanest facilities in the UK, with carbon emissions of approximately 35% less than conventional Grid Power.

Zero Carbon Tax! – due to the ‘green’ power source to our Data Centre, it is currently CRC exempt, meaning no carbon taxes are passed on to our customers, thereby helping our clients meet their carbon reduction targets.

Energy From Waste – by 2013, our aim is that 100% of our Data Centre’s power will be received from Energy From Waste (EFW) plants.

ISO 14001 – we are accredited to the ISO 14001 Code of Practice for Environmental Management System.

European Data Centre Code Of Conduct - Getronics UK has Participant Status in the European Data Centre Code Of Conduct, which aims to inform and stimulate Data Centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical function of data centres.

Energy Management - Getronics is registered to the ISO 50001 in the UK, which supports organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS).

Security & Protection

Anonymity – Our purpose-built national Data Centre is an anonymous building, which is important for many of our financial and security-conscious clients.

Private Suites – some of our clients use private Data Centre suites, hidden in our facilities with high security access rights.

CCTV & Biometrics – access control to our Data Centres is managed through a three token system, including the use of biometrics and advanced internal and external CCTV technology, monitored full-time.

24x365 Security Presence – full-time on-site uniformed security personnel control access to the business park as well as the Data Centre.

Anti-attack – there are no external windows or walls into the machine room space and there is no under floor access to machine room areas.

ISO 27001, ISO 9001 & ITIL3 – we are accredited to the ISO 27001 Code of Practice for Information Security Management, ISO 9001 Code of Practice for Quality Management System and our processes are based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management framework. This ensures that the security of all aspects of Getronics’ operations, including information, is classified so compliance can be enforced and measured.

VESDA – state of the art VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and FM200 fire suppression systems protect every machine room, with the entire site covered by smoke detection sub-floor, at ceiling height and in the ceiling void.


UK – our main national Data Centre is a purpose-built Tier 3 facility based in Runcorn, Cheshire, with additional facilities in Rushden and Telecity in Manchester.

Capacity – the main national Data Centre comprises 2,800m2 of Data Centre capacity, with a mix of shared or dedicated Data Centre space, as well as private suites available.

Global Reach – we have a wide network of both Getronics and partner-owned data centres across the world, totalling over 50,000m2 of Data Centre space.


Competitively Priced – since we own our national Data Centre and it’s currently CRC exempt (zero carbon tax is passed on to our customers), we are able offer extremely competitive, high quality services.

Economies of Scale – we offer compelling volume pricing discounts on all of our Data Centre services – simply enquire or use our Data Centre Calculator to get a quote.

Reduced Cost of Ownership – we can demonstrate clear cost savings to clients whether they wish to outsource part or all of their Data Centre requirements.

Budgetary Certainty – our utility based data centre offerings allow businesses to accurately forecast costs which are aligned to actual business usage, as opposed to paying for an infrastructure built to cope with peak demand all-round the year with low overall utilisation.

Get pricing for your requirements today - either speak to us or use our Data Centre Calculator for co-location requirements.

Click Here to use our Calculator

Click Here to use our Calculator
Since our Data Centre is wholly owned by Getronics and is currently exempt from carbon tax, it is extremely competitively priced – speak to us or use our Data Centre Calculator to get a quote for your co-location requirements today.

Hosted Data Centre Services

1. Co-location Hosting

From as little as £224 per rack, per month excluding power, your equipment is housed in our Data Centre, saving you the cost of running your own facilities. Getronics provide secure floor space, power and cooling, as well as resilience. There are optional services available, including LAN connectivity and support, remote hands and eyes, media management, off-site media storage, caged racks and network connectivity. To get a quote for your requirement today – either speak to us or use our Data Centre Calculator.

2. Hosting with Technical Assistance

This gives you the benefits of co-location together with the use of Getronics 24x7x365 operations staff and expertise, back-up and media management and availability monitoring.

3. Fully Managed Service

This is the ‘Grade A’ Data Centre offering which includes, as standard, the provision of complete 24x7x365 technical support services, covering systems operations and administration, security, back-ups, workload scheduling, anti-virus, operating system upgrades and patching. Options range from shared or dedicated resources, through to private suites to suit the more security conscious customer. Speak to us about your requirements and let us tailor a solution to suit you.

4. On Demand Hosting

Using the latest virtualisation technologies we can offer full on demand hosting models based on specific customer requirements. Our on demand hosting incorporates a wide range of virtual and/or physical servers with tiered storage based on application or business specifications. The service offers superior performance and access with the attraction of a monthly pay-per-use utility pricing model.

Hosting models can be customised to provide flexible infrastructure for application testing and other pre-production requirements, delivered out of a single data centre, or can be provisioned to provide enterprise class architecture, delivered across dual data centres, in support of critical systems with fully active-active workloads. Commodity infrastructure services such as Workspace Services, Exchange Services, SharePoint, Database Services and Directory Services can also be provided on shared or dedicated infrastructure as part of the on demand hosting platform.

Integration with customer and/or third party environments can also be provided offering a bespoke, hybrid hosting service.

Client Quotations

“Working with Getronics we can be confident that our site can continue to cope with increased traffic as we continue to grow, without the worry of experiencing site downtime due to higher volumes of traffic.”

Neal Garman,
Server Infrastructure Manager, MoneySupermarket

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