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Enterprise connectivity (LAN & WAN)

A secure and high performance network infrastructure underpins your employee’s ability to work together as a productive team. The business demands on your WAN and LAN are constantly increasing with the need to carry increasing volumes of information through the use of media-rich applications and new business applications.

Keeping the network in shape and fit for purpose has become an increasingly specialised task, for which Getronics offers its LAN and Wireless LAN services. By entrusting this critical business resource to Getronics team of network specialists, you can be assured of both performance and ongoing fitness for purpose.

We will perform an in depth review and assessment of your current networking investment, leading to detailed advice and recommendations for the subsequent network strategy aligned to your business and with recommendations on how the network investment can be used to reduce the cost of supplying your companies voice services, how it may allow the provision of flexible and resilient customer contact centres and more.

Throughout the process we ensure that we protect and exploit existing investment to the maximum and we ensure that your network is subject to the highest service standards.

Getronics Managed LAN and Wireless LAN services will take on the day-to-day operational responsibility for your Local Area Network ensuring the availability and performance of network devices (e.g., routers, switches, and possibly access points). The Managed LAN Service facilitates functional systems governed by pre-defined service level agreements (SLAs).

Getronics network services gives you access to a significant pool of industry leading network expertise. Our core standards for network service delivery provide a guarantee of resilience and performance. Because we have invested significantly in both network architecture and implementation and in network management, we provide a cost effective and flexible service as well as the strategic guidance and design services which is costly to support and keep current within an individual business.

The most important benefit is the knowledge that you are providing your business with a cost efficient network environment which enables it to work productively, resiliently and securely with a view of the future business embedded within its strategy.


Getronics Network Assessment, design and strategy recommendation service.

Getronics Managed Service will be responsible for the availability and performance of customer’s LAN, consisting of specific network devices and its network connections. 

By monitoring & Management of the LAN environment on a 24x7 basis pro-actively logging and resolving incidents as a result of threshold breaches, Getronics ensures the availability of your business.

Getronics utilises industry recognised best of breed tools to monitor and manage the LAN environment. The impact of "The New Way of Working" on customer's business and the need for reliable ICT are currently important topics for all customers.

The purpose of a Managed LAN Service is to ensure the proper operation of the network and its related components, including availability and the performance of the remotely manageable network components.

Non-manageable components will be monitored and replacement/repair instigated immediately upon detected failure. Ensuring that even often more remote locations have access to the network as reliably as possible.

The Managed LAN Service is divided into different Service modules for which Getronics will be responsible:

  • Network Assessment and Strategy recommendations
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Network Service Management
  • Network Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Maintenance
  • Purchasing and financing of new Network components

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