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Contact Centre

Market demand

Businesses are continuously looking to optimise their customer service and recognised long ago that the contact centre is often their shop window, its availability, ability to deliver upon the first customer contact with them, or at least to make that promised follow up happen is often how customers rate your business. 

Getronics enables many businesses by supplying and integrating high quality, flexible and continuously available solutions – integrated into your business.

Brief description

Getronics is helping customers in the design, deployment and maintenance of contact centre solutions Services including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Customer Relation Management, call recording, Quality Monitoring, Performance Management, Self Service and Multi-Channel Management including Social Media.

Flexibility comes from the ability to manage your workforce whether within the building, or indeed  part time customer advisors working from home enabling you to meet anticipated peak demand – without causing your customers extended wait times – hated by all.

It’s that ability to work from home which enables the contact centre to continue even when it’s not possible or safe, for your workforce to reach your building – a feature which Getronics itself used when personnel were snow bound and could not reach our UK based Service Centre. 

Added value for customer

Getronics gives you access to a significant pool of industry leading network and systems expertise. Our core standards for contact centre service management  provide a guarantee of resilience and performance enabling your business to focus on recognising your customers and exceeding their expectations

Our services include:

  • Integration of existing and new customer contact channels
  • Design, Supply and integration of all network, systems and voice recording
  • Consistent information over all contact channels
  • Higher quality, lower costs of customer contacts
  • Optimal availability
  • Making your customer service more flexible
  • Solutions which empower your customer service workforce


  • Assessment, design, supply and integration
  • Business Consultancy
  • Technical Consulting
  • Infrastructure design
  • Infrastructure deployment (ACD, IVR, Multi-Channel - email, chat, web collaboration, social media and tooling)
  • Script development, training  and maintenance
  • Application Integration
  • Platform maintenance and support

Talk To Us

If you would like to discuss any IT service requirement with Getronics, please get in touch:

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