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Cabling & ICT Building Infrastructures

Cabling forms the backbone of any building complex, office installation or manufacturing plant. As a cabling network becomes more complex and disparate, the need for integration becomes urgent. Today's cabling solutions need to carry not only voice, but also data, images and control signals. Moreover, buildings themselves are 'intelligent systems', with sophisticated installations for environment control, power distribution, security and surveillance. All these demands lead to the concept of Building Infrastructure Solutions Universal Cabling, an integrated cabling system able to meet the needs of all a building's occupiers, and of the building itself. Such a cabling system needs to be compatible with all applications and all connection standards, while striking a balance between cost and performance and is a solution offered by Getronics.

Getronics takes complete accountability for all data and telecommunications cabling. We strongly recommend a structured approach. This ensures resilience and anticipates changes in use and bandwidth requirement. We offer extensive design services, with a clear focus on how a customer’s employees need to work and we provide all physical installation. Our unique approach to pre-fabrication minimises disruption for both large scale projects and spontaneous requests. When implementing a project, we work closely with Getronics’ other business units to ensure that, for example, large-scale roll-outs of desktop environments or enterprise content management systems are closely coordinated with the core infrastructure.

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