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Our partnership with Microsoft

At a global Windows 7 launch event, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer praised Getronics as "one of our best Global Systems Integration Partners". Getronics is a longstanding Microsoft partner and has over 200 certified Microsoft experts. We have worked with Microsoft for over twenty years. Getronics has made significant investments in developing its alliance with Microsoft. As a result of this investment, Getronics holds 3 Gold competencies for Devices and Deployment, Server Platform and Messaging, and 2 Silver competencies for Management and Virtualisation and Volume Licensing, in addition to being a Cloud Accelerate partner. The alliance with Microsoft provides great benefits to Getronics' clients: improved escalation paths and early access to all the latest Microsoft technologies are just some of the key advantages. Clients can be sure that when they choose Getronics to help them develop, integrate and support Microsoft-based solutions, they will be receiving the very highest levels of expertise and experience.

Desktop Optimisation

Balancing the needs of end users and IT.

Organisations look to their people to drive business success, and to the information technology (IT) department to build and manage an infrastructure that supports and enables people to be successful in their jobs. Often, these expectations create a natural tension between end users, who want the flexibility to support a dynamic work environment, and an IT department that needs greater control and manageability.

The solution to this challenge is a "Windows Optimised Desktop" infrastructure. A Windows Optimised Desktop describes a state in which your organisation has attained the right balance in its desktop infrastructure – empowering employees with the flexibility they need to be productive, while providing IT the necessary level of control, manageability, and security.

On the business side, both IT and business executives want to help make people productive anywhere. Workers need seamless access 24/7 to the services and systems that are necessary for their jobs, and a familiar user experience to help them stay productive. Many businesses today require workers to have global, flexible, and reliable access to the corporate network and applications. IT departments need to design infrastructure to guarantee uptime, reduce issues, and enable more self-help. Further, they must design for diverse needs and quickly resolve problems. Learn more about five scenarios for enabling workers to be successful in their jobs with Microsoft desktop solutions.

Cost is also a major issue. More now than ever, your company may be under intense pressure to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. Whether it’s reducing overall IT budgets; determining automated ways to deploy, track, and manage; or guaranteeing no work stoppages – the need for a better managed IT is present and growing. Discover ways to gain cost savings for your organisation.

Managing risk by enhancing security is important. IT needs to protect data from loss, theft, and online attacks. It also needs to improve compliance based on legislative and industry mandates, in addition to internal policy. The responsibility for ensuring a safe network environment can be daunting. Not only must companies protect sensitive data from varying intrusions, they must do so while allowing authorized users access to data and connections. Meanwhile, adherence to corporate security policies and federal regulations are required. Find out about the security enhancements in the Windows 7 operating system that help organisations manage this risk.