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Getronics Workspace Alliance

Getronics Workspace Alliance

Providing Global Workspace Services

Getronics Workspace Alliance is a global alliance providing customers access to an extensive global network of IT service providers. The Alliance, of which Getronics is the leading partner, supplies consistent IT support for 7.4M workspace assets around the world. The 9 Alliance members - in over 25 countries with more than 45,000, extended with service partners in more than 70 countries - share common processes, methods and tools, providing direct benefit for international organisations, through consistent services delivered with a strong local presence, robust international governance and shared service innovation. The 9 members are: Getronics, SPIE Communications, KPN, CompuCom, AGCN International, NTT Data Getronics, ServiceOne, Getronics LATAM and Tecnocom to deliver global IT services. These 9 members are recognised leaders in the European, American and Asian markets.

The Alliance focuses on improvement of its clients’ business results by enabling the personal performance of their employees. By engaging with any member of the Alliance, international organisations will plug into an extended service network through a single point of business contact. This differs fundamentally from the locally sub-contracted resources used traditionally in many international IT service contracts: all Alliance members work together to anticipate service requirement and to plan and manage resources accordingly. For the client, this results in simplified contract management, effective service evolution and responsive scaling to requirement.

The aggregate service profile of the founding members is notable: between them they are responsible for over 7.4 million client IT assets worldwide, which positions the GWA in the 3rd place for Managed and Maintained Workspace Assets, according to independent researcher OVUM.

The Getronics Workspace Alliance has grown out of the international service partner network originally developed by Getronics, and retains the tools and methods governance which made it a success. These include the use of dedicated Global Program Management Offices as a single point of contact; unified billing and tax management; and a standardised global service delivery model.


The Alliance establishes a unified virtual service provider with dynamic global reach. The Alliance is focused on the provision of workspace management services. It intends to become a byword for reliability, innovation and value in its chosen area.

Workspace management services cover all managed service desk operations, the provision of self-service portals, asset management, and hardware maintenance. Alliance members also provide transition services, through which ageing client workspace environments are updated and standardised.

Alliance members work together to become the preferred workspace management providers to mid/top-tier organisations with international operations.

The Getronics Workspace Alliance leverages the combined experience and local brand value of its members, while building on the existing international reputation of Getronics.

“The Getronics Workspace Alliance (GWA) was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its 25th March 2013 Forrester WaveTM report. The Forrester WaveTM: Global Workplace Services, Q1 2013. In this evaluation, the GWA was cited as a Strong Performer.”

The Forrester WaveTM: Global Workplace Services, Q1 2013
by William Mortarelli and Wolfgang Benkel, March 25th, 2013.

* Forrester conducted services evaluations in May 2012 and interviewed eight vendor companies, Atos, CSC, Fujitsu, GWA, HCL, HP, IBM, Unisys, and 23 user companies.


Client Quotes

“Getronics’ expertise and specialist knowledge is exceptionally strong. Working with Getronics has enabled us to consolidate our business infrastructure, improve our capacity to respond to the needs of the business and also provide us with access to the latest technologies and industry leading expertise. Ultimately, with Getronics as our IT partner we’re able to focus on our business strategy, confident that our technology and IT support is in safe hands”

Anders From, Global IT Director,
Subsea 7

“While GWA is very unique, it offers a credible way to provide workspace management on a global level based on a flexible, network-driven ecosystem.”

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